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Since 1992 Diver's Cove explores the fascinating world of the Algarve's waters, being the first and the oldest PADI diving school in the south of Portugal. More than 1000 divers have had the opportunity to experience the professionalism of our instructors in a relaxed and familiar environment. The diving only take place after analysis of all the safety conditions, providing an unforgettable experience for all.



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Fascinating underwater world

The marvellous under water world of the Algarve is full of a big variety of living species, flora and fauna. You can observe many different organisms, that live in the marine ecosystem in this region. It is amazing to discover the biodiversity, from microorganism, like plankton to the observation of mammals, like whales and dolphins.

71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, yet it is estimated that only 5% of all life in the oceans are actually investigated.

Diver’s Cove invites you to discover and observe a small, but beautiful part of our oceans through the scuba diving sport in an easy and safe way. 

Whether you are diving for the first time and want to try it out or you are an experienced diver we have a choice for everyone.




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